Picket detail

Materials :
Posts: Cypress pine 120mm x 120mm
Rails: Kiln Dried Treated Pine 70mm x 45mm
Plinth: Kiln Dried Treated Pine 140mm x 35mm
Pickets: Cypress Pine 70mm x 19mm
Handrail Capping: Treated Pine 90mm x 45mm
Construction :
Posts at avg. 2.4m spacings , holes 600mm - 700mm deep , 20kg concrete and 10kg cement stabilised. Post top shaped to request.
Rail top fixed into rear of post to expose post front. (can be morticed fixed on request)
Middle rail used if rail gaps more than 1000mm
Rail bottom maximum 150mm from picket bottom
Plinth set at median ground level. Fixed with 70mm x 45mm droppers between posts,
Pickets fitted at avg. 10mm - 15mm gaps and  fixed with E.P.galv nails or staples
Capping nailed every 300mm alternate sides and fitted to top rail between posts.
Notes :
Owners should check Local counil requirements.
Cypress posts are dressed and Cutek treated.
See "Picket and Post" OPTIONS button above.
Cypress pine is prone to drying out and leaving fine cracks/splits, these are not structural defects.
Hardwood pickets can be quoted on request.
Cemented posts take up to five days to cure in the ground avoid 'shaking' fence during this time.
Pickets can be galv screw fixed, this can be quoted on request.
Paint or stain your Picket fence soon as possible.

Picket Styles