Paling Details

Standard Paling Fences

Materials :

Posts: Hardwood 125mm x 75mm Class 1 or 2
Plinth: Treated Pine 150mm x 38mm
Rails: Treated Pine 75mm x 50mm
Base Palings: Treated Pine 150mm x 12mm
Cover Palings: Treated Pine 100mm x 12mm
Construction :
Posts at avg. 2.7m spacings, holes 750mm deep, 10kg cement stabilised
Rail top maximum 170mm from paling top
Rail bottom maximum 170mm from paling bottom
Plinth set at median ground level.
Base Palings fixed at Nom 20mm gaps and nailed at top and bottom rail
Cover Palings fixed over gaps with 2 nails in each rail.
Nails used are E.P.galvenised
Notes :
Paling material is low-grade timber. Knots, holes and gum vein are common and not considered to be a structural defect. Kiln dried timber can be quoted on request.
Cemented posts take up to five days to cure in the ground avoid 'shaking' fence during this time.
Cypress post can be used, however, these are not recommended on fences in high wind areas.
Paling fences should not be painted for 180 days