Colorbond details

Materials :
Bluescope Lysaghts Colorbond fencing
Heights available 1500mm 1800mm 2100mm

Construction :

Posts at 2350mm spaces, holes 600mm deep with 40kg concrete stabiliser. Flat plastic caps.
The boundary on these fences is centre of posts.
Rails fitted top and bottom.
Bottom rail should be kept 50mm above soil level.
To avoid gaps under your fence Watts use a 3rd spare rail under the bottom fence rail or painted 150mm x 38mm timber where the garden soil is higher.
Sheets (3) fitted into top & bottom rails
No middle rail with Neetascreen & Smartascreen

Notes :

10-year Bluescope Warranty.
Warranty does not apply within 2 km of beaches.
Rapid set concrete should not be used with colorbond steel.
Bottom rail should be 50mm off soil/ground.
Raw treated pine timber should not be fixed to colorbond steel.
Special Graffiti spray remover is available from Bluescope Lysaghts.

Colorbond Color Chart

For color matching ideas click on this link: